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Bridge Builders: Learning from Those Ushering the Future of Society is out.

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When Vincent Lassalle joined one of the world's largest utility companies, he thought he would be helping to solve today's energy challenges.

Instead he found himself locked in a bureaucracy that seemed designed to ensure anything but the best ideas were championed. To make matters worse, this problem was not confined to his sector. Education and infrastructure, finance and government, even society itself all seemed plagued with the same flaw. They were built to solve the problems of the past, not those of the future.

But what needs to change? This simple question launched Vincent on a global quest to find those who, right now, are building a bridge to tomorrow. Crossing a dozen countries and drawing on encounters with everyone from CEOs to public officials and refugees to factory workers, Bridge Builders lays a blueprint for the steps humanity must take in order to survive and thrive in the coming century.