About Me

Before deciding to go on this year of study, I worked at EDF as Business Integration Lead in the company's Sustainable City Program. I was in charge of defining the strategy for a new global sustainable urban planning offer the company had created and then help deploy it. Prior to this posting, I was a Business Designer in EDF’s Open Innovation Team.  As such - after helping create the team itself - my work was to help create a corporate culture that encouraged and fostered innovation within the company. My particular focus was on internal innovation: generating innovative products and services, as well as new business models, process re-engineering and accompanying innovation deployment. I was also responsible for the creation of EDF's venture capital fund Electranova Capital.

Prior to joining EDF, I was a Project Manager at WDHB in Berkeley, CA. As such, I designed, organised and executed week-long Strategic Expeditions® for the Executive Committees of large corporations. These training weeks were custom-made to immerse the participants in new ways of thinking about their corporate challenges and help them come up with new solutions through change management.

Before WDHB, I was an Analyst at Quilvest Ventures (now Quadrille Capital), one of France’s leading venture capital funds.

I hold a Msc in Management from HEC - Paris and am an alumni of the ISAE in Toulouse and the National University of Singapore.

I also love to cook, paint and enjoy building my own furniture. Bi-national and bi-cultural at birth, I have always felt like a global citizen. To date, I have lived on five different continents and have travelled to over 40 countries. Just before starting this study, I embarked on a small adventure: a 3000km biking trip across New Zealand to promote carbon neutrality (You can find details here).

I am at his happiest sharing ideas and laughter with friends and family.