Welcome to the Classroom

As I explained in the project's description, my goal is to share the study's results with as many people as possible. Furthermore, I took to thinking of this year as if I were a Master's student in a year of my own design. I would love to share thoughts and ideas with you as other "classmates" in this course; learn from your experiences and share ideas. For these reasons, I have created the Classroom section of the website.

In this virtual classroom, there is a section for the actual lessons (i.e., the various interviews I will conducting throughout the year), a forum to share thoughts and ideas and even a reading list of books and papers.

Joining the class is free and you can follow as much or as little as you wish. It is completely flexible. I hope you will join me and the rest of your classmates for this learning adventure.



You will find here all the videos of interviews and discussions for this study.


To discuss any idea, recommend someone to interview or books/papers to read, please go to the forum section of this site.

Reading Materials

For a list of books and articles that I have read and that are helping me with this study, please click here.